Domino's around the world

Islanders love a good crust. The local Domino's offers as many as eight types of pizza crusts including stuffed crust, filled with a three-cheese blend, gluten-free crust and low-fat crust.
The year 1898 is generally recognized as the date when Tarte Tatin was created. In the town of Lamotte-Beuvron, Stéphanie Tatin, who together with her sister Caroline ran a hotel and restaurant (still existing today), while preparing a regular apple pie, placed apples in the dish first, and later covered them with dough. The effect turned out to be surprisingly delicious, especially served hot. Tarte Tatin is a permanent item on the Belgian Domino's Pizza menu.
Brazilians like sweet flavours, so in Domino's menu you can find chocolate pizza with chocolate sprinkles.

Fun facts about the Bulgarian menu: Pizza Bulgaria with local sausage, and the desserts menu includes four tastes of ice-cream.

For the lovers of spicy and exotic flavours, Canadian Domino's Pizza offers hot banana peppers from the chilli pepper family.

Corn had been a crucial element of the Aztec, Inca and Maya diet more than 5000 years ago. Would they had been eating pizza with corn, had the Domino's restaurant existed in that days? And if so, would they had chosen Vegetarian or Kramer pizza, that are presently available in the local menu?

In China, pizza is also delivered on bicycles.
Denmark is the world's biggest exporter of bacon. You can also find it on Bahamas or New York pizza in the Danish Domino?s.
Dominican Republic
The famous barbecue sauce has its own Dominican variety, which is a Hawaiian sauce with mango - Sweet Mango Habanero Sauce.
The delicacy served in Ecuadorian Domino's is Choccko Feast pizza, i.e. chocolate with strawberries.
In Egypt, you can order a unique dessert sweet calzone filled with chocolate and dusted with powdered/icing sugar.
Feltham near London is the place holding the record for the longest pizza delivery route. It was established by Lucy Clough of Domino's. A vegetarian Supreme pizza was baked on November 17th 2004 and after traveling 10,532 miles it was delivered to 30 Ramsey Street in Melbourne, Australia, on November 19th 2004. The record was entered in the Guinness Book of Records of 2006.
France is the motherland of sauces. Their recipes are based on herbs which give a unique and original taste. Delicious sauces are offered as supplements to almost every meal. In the French Domino's, you can dip your crust in Creme fraîche légere - a type of traditional soured cream commonly used in French cuisine.
On the occasion of Euro 2012, a special pizza for the fans was introduced in the menu: Fussball- Koenig, i.e. Football King (salami, red and green peppers, onions, roquitos, spicy meatballs, and barbecue sauce).
The average Greek eats 10.5 kg of feta cheese each year. In Greek Domino`s Pizza, you can find Greek Pizza (with feta and olives) and special Cyprus Classic with Greek Halloumi cheese.
The specialty of the dessert menu are the cinnamon cones filled with caramel.
What do Poles and Haitians have in common? As it turns out ? white sausage, which, together with diced tomatoes, is one of the favourite pizza ingredients.
After introducing silent electric scooters by Domino's in Holland, an issue of safety was raised: co-users of bicycle paths did not hear approaching vehicles. As a solution to this problem, the company equipped the scooters with special systems connecting the acceleration throttle with a speaker saying 'Delicious Domino's Pizza'.
The first Domino`s restaurant in Honduras was opened in 1987 in San Pedro Sula, the second in 1991 in the capital city of Honduras, Tegucigalpa.
The first Domino's Pizza restaurant in Iceland was opened in 1993 in Reykjavik. The Icelandic menu features a pizza with quark.
Pepper, curry and many other exotic flavours come from India. You can find a pizza with five types of peppers on the local menu.
Among the heroes of Domino`s Pizza advertising campaigns in Ireland were the famous Simpsons family and world-class football player Michael Owen.
The eggplant is the most popular pizza ingredient here. In Israel, the eggplant is the king of all vegetables. It is served in different forms: fried, grilled or baked. It is a base for salads, mousses, soups, and delicious pickles.
In Japan, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Domino's Pizza, a special 'dream job' offer was prepared. The job contract shall included only one hour of work serving Domino's Pizza customers. The lucky winner will be paid a remuneration of 2500,000 yens for that one hour, which is roughly equal to 88,000 PLN.
An interesting thing about the Korean menu is the Potato Pizza with sweet potatoes.
Lebanon is famous for its delicious sweets. No household can be without, especially when guests arrive. That is why the local Domino?s menu includes delicious chocolate Calzone with liquid chocolate.
It is one of the four countries with the biggest plantations of pineapples (next to Hawaii, Philippines and China). Four regular items/pizzas on Domino's Pizza menu include pineapple: Ultimate Hawaiian, Aloha Chicken, Tuna Temptation and Spicy Sausage.
You cannot take any food supplies to Mexico, as there is a strict ban on bringing in food products, but the local Domino's Pizza can satisfy the tastes spice enthusiasts, serving them chicken wings with spicy Cayenne sauce, as well as lovers of sweets, offering them savoury baked cinnamon rolls with cappuccino dip.
In Morocco, Domino's Pizza serves rectangular pizzas.
New Zealand

The New Zealand cusine stands out for its large choice of seafood dishes. They couldn't have been omited also in Domino's Pizza menu. One can find there such proposals as 'Prawn Supreme' pizza or pasta with shrimps.


In August 2012 Domino's Pizza has opened the 1st restaurant in Nigeria. We are certain that the Nigerians will love our pizza, what can be seen on facebook's increasing number of fans.


In popular in the country Domino's Pizza restaurants there are served a dishes that suit the Oman taste buds, like for example Chicken Legend pizza with chicken, which the Oman eat in very large amounts.


The Pakistani usually add curry to their pizza. The unique addition goes well with the taste of pizza, so it is possible that it will appear also in the menu of the local Domino's Pizza.

The record for the fastest-made pizza belongs to Pali Grewal, who produced three large pizzas in 39.17 sec. Congratulations, Panama!
Among the local delicacies of Peru are tatu tacu (seafood with beans) and deep-fried corn pretzels topped with honey. You can clearly sense the influence of Mexican cuisine in the flavours preferred in this country, for this reason Domino's Pizza offers chicken wings with spicy salsa!
Poland has broken the record of the largest number of restaurant openings during one year. We opened our first 12 new restaurants in ten months.
It is easy to sense a large Mediterranean and Turkish influence in Romanian cuisine. Romanians are also Guinness record holders for the longest sausage in the world - the record-breaking delicacy was 392 meters long and was made of 70 kilograms of meat. Domino's menu could not lack a Romanian sausage pizza: Carnaciori si Ceapa.

In Russia a popular adding to pizza is a so called 'Mockba', in other word Moscow. It is a very interesting combination of tastes, which includes sardines, tuna, mackarel, salmon and onion or red herring. Such delicacy is usually served cold.

Saudi Arabia

Shawarma is one of the traditional dishes in Saudi Arabia, where the Domino's Pizza restaurants enjoy popularity. Maybe there will come a time for Shawarma pizza soon?

The world domino topple record (303,621 men) was set in Singapore on 18th August 2003 by a 24-year-old woman from China.
Serrano ham, is one of the most popular types of ham in Spain. Around six million hams are produced there yearly. A whole haunch of jamón serrano tied with a red ribbon is a warmly welcomed Christmas gift. Domino's could not lack this special treat - the offer includes Pantanegra pizza with olives, mozzarella, and Serrano ham.
Two traditional Swiss ingredients are rucola and Raclette cheese. Pizzas with these ingredients are flagship items on the menu.
An attraction of the Taiwanese menu is potatoes shaped like smiling stars and moons.
A popular pizza ingredient is pasterma - sun-dried mutton.
It turns out that bacon, which is so popular in England, is also one of the favourite pizza toppings in Ukraine.
Although the United States is not, the homeland of pizza, it surely is inhabited by the greatest number of its fans. Every second, Americans eat around 350 pizza slices. Every year, three billion pizzas are sold in America.
Waikiki Pizza in Venezuela is the name for Hawaiian pizza.
The first pizzeria in Vietnam was opened in November 2010. Potatoes shaped like smiling faces and sausages with barbecue sauce are on the menu.
On the Welsh Domino's website, you can check nutritional information for a single slice of your favourite pizzas, e.g. one slice of a large Hawaiian pizza is 203 kcal, and a slice of Tandoori Hot is 198 kcal.
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